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Published by Adam Dunlap on Oct 27th 2018

The new is the humble first step in our vision to support the Parkour community and drive our industry forward through uniting Traceurs, PKFR brand, and creators worldwide.

Hello! My name is Adam Dunlap, and as the director of I am excited and honored to announce the launch of the new website!

The new is a humble beginning for an organization that I believe will be at the forefront of the Parkour world. We are excited to announce the first brand to partner with, Take Flight. We have 50 of their top products listed and we have plans to on-board other top brands with products that meet our level of quality.

In addition to providing one-stop access to the world’s best Parkour brands and their products, we are also striving to make a resource hub for the Parkour community. Imagine a single site that Parkour practitioners can visit daily to read news about Parkour, stay in touch with recent events, see the most recent video drops from their favorite pros and teams, connect with fellow Traceurs, watch live streams from events, sign up for competitions, coordinate travel, and learn. That’s what we are working for at

We will also be building a network of writers, photographers, artists, designers, teachers, and media creators who can contribute positively to the site.

Through a coordinated effort I believe we are going to be able to leverage this talent, vision, and the power of the global Parkour community to create jobs and put Traceurs in their bliss in a way no entity has ever done in the Parkour world. Visualize Traceurs from all walks of life getting paid through to travel the world, write articles, train, make videos, share their knowledge, and promote Parkour. This is the vision I've had for more than a decade, and we are finally in a position to make it happen through building a truly all-encompassing, giving, community minded entity.

The Parkour community is made of a revolutionary group of people with visionary tendencies and incredible character. Every day, the Parkour culture and community grows and evolves, and I believe will become a key player in the global evolution of our sport. It will also be the place where the world comes to peek inside our culture and learn more about us and what we do.

I consider this a very exciting time in Parkour's history, and we have a big future ahead. Thank you for visiting and being a part of it! I'll be writing in the coming weeks to outline the specifics of our vision and the steps we are going to take to get there. In the meantime, if you’d like to be a part of the site as a brand, content contributor or other, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

-Adam Dunlap

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