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Learn From The 6 Basic Parkour Movements

Learn From The 6 Basic Parkour Movements

Published by Zico Correa on Mar 26th 2016

This morning I decided to write briefly about the 6 basic Parkour tools, to help you trace your own way. Use these tools in your day-to-day life because the key to evolution is in the basics.

Balance - Is essential for growth. In Parkour this ability means survival. It means how long you'll last at the top of an obstacle, training and moving safely.

Running - Is the quest for your objectives and involves determination. At the moment a traceur starts running his destination and his quest has already been traced. It is like a journey to be fulfilled.

Jumping - The act of jumping gives you the ability to take a bigger step than your legs can usually take. It is a moment of faith and belief: there should be no doubt. The traceur leaves the ground to feel something closer to a greater force that he himself discovered. It is now part of him.

Vaulting - Vaulting over an obstacle is one of the most fun moves for the traceur. The more obstacles, the more possibilities exist. Creativity, innovation and self knowledge get all stimulated during those situations. While it would look like a labyrinth for some, for a traceur it is a door for great enjoyment. He feels free in an environment that was built to limit movement.

Grab/Hanging - Grabbing after jumping represents self-confidence. The responsibility for life is literally in your hands. There's only one chance and believing in your own strength is essential. It doesn't have to be technical or precise, as long as you have wildness and strength within you. Watch some old videos from the David Belle and you will understand.

Climbing - Is essential for exploration and development. Getting to the top of a place should not be the ultimate goal, since everything is different up there. Getting up there is only the beginning of the journey.

Use these 6 movements at the beginning of your journey to find your way, and they will always be there as the foundation for your evolution.

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