Parkour is a discipline founded by David Belle* in France in the early 1990’s. Says David about his art:

“I cannot talk about Parkour without first talking about my father [Raymond Belle]. He is the one who inspired me and told me to always follow my dreams. Without him I would have never found Parkour. Parkour is a method of training which allows us to overcome obstacles, both in the urban and natural environments.”

“It’s a weapon in disguise. We train and when one day we encounter a problem we know that we are able to use it. It can be the art of flight, of the chase, of helping someone with a problem, or something ordinary.”

“Parkour is firstly about the useful side, to teach people how to trust themselves, to learn to be careful. The philosophy is always to advance, never to stop. If some time you have problems, like in life, if you have an obstacle you must always continue forward.”

Since Parkour’s foundation almost two decades ago, the discipline has spread around the world and now has communities, delegations, and committed practitioners in every country.

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