is here!! Hello and welcome! This is our first edition of the site and what we consider to be a very humble beginning. From here, we expect to grow and expand every day to reach our vision.

Which leads us to the point of this article – what is our vision of Great question. We’ve written our vision on the “About” page on this website. This explains our foundation and outlook:

[ is a site] dedicated to bringing you daily Parkour news, articles, photos, and videos that embody, encompass, and disseminate true Parkour as founded by David Belle. While doing this we are also dedicated to embracing the movement revolution of Freerunning that defines much of the Parkour world today. That means we are here to represent Parkour gyms, Parkour Teams, and bring you the best information on the world’s best Parkour & Freerunning clothing and shoes.


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Intrinsic in this vision, and to emphasize some really important things, we want to do the following things:

  • We want to have a strong team of extremely experienced and influential Traceurs supporting and working for the site to create the content and share their experiences and vision. If you think you are in a position to be a team member and contributor to the site, we’d love to hear from you! (Click here)
  • We want to encompass and represents the entire Parkour world. By that we mean, we want to be an unbiased site that talks about, shares news, and supports organizations, teams, gyms, and individual communities and projects from ALL around the Parkour world.
  • We want to be a safe and welcoming place where all Traceurs feel accepted and supported and where all Traceurs can come to learn about Parkour and all that is going on in the global community.
  • We want to be a multi-cultural platform that supports and represents Traceurs from all walks of life regardless of language or background. As part of this, we will soon have Parkour articles in 7 languages on the site!
  • We want to be a place where people new to Parkour can come to learn basic information about the discipline and find/connect with other Traceurs, community, and gyms in their area.
  • We want to be a collective and synergistic site where organizations who are passionate about Parkour can connect, and, through mutual support, can grow together.

That is just a brief overview of our vision for and just the start of what we want the site to embody and what we see it becoming. We hope you can get behind our vision and support it for the benefit of the entire Parkour world!

As always, if you have any questions or ideas for us, please feel free to write us through our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you and growing together.


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