There are many Parkour organizations in the world that are pushing the Parkour world forward through innovation. One of these is our partner company Take Flight who has financially supported and allowed us to exist at all! For this reason, we are very thankful for them and also very excited to support and announce their newest project – the Take Flight Ultra Parkour & Freerunning Shoe!

Take Flight has designed a Parkour & Freerunning shoe that we think Traceurs and Freerunners everywhere will love. They took input from well liked shoes already in existence including the well worn and respected Onitsuka Tigers, and from there they improved upon these shoes to make something new and better. The result is the Take Flight Ultra which you can see below.


Click this image to get your pair of Ultras for only $69!

Five of our team members have already worn the shoe and vouch for them including Alexandr “Shade” Gisych, Joey Adrian, D’Ondrai Jones, Danee Marmolejo and Adam Dunlap. Right now Take Flight has a Kickstarter campaign going on through which they hope to move the shoe to production.

If you are looking for a great pair of shoes and excited about helping the Parkour world advance in making our own custom products for Traceurs, then please check out this link and consider donating to the project and/or pre-ordering your pair. The Ultra shoes are only 69 for a pair! And Take Flight stands behind the shoe with a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you’re guaranteed to get something you love!

Click here to find our more information!

2 Responses

  1. Jasmine

    Hi ,
    Id buy this shoe right now but for one thing:the lack if beta reviews

    I want to know if it’s suitable for running as i am also a long-distance runner.hope for a fav reply!

    • Adam Dunlap
      Adam Dunlap

      Hi Jasmine – The shoe isn’t made for long distance running :\ It’s made for Parkour and it’s versatile enough for some running, but we haven’t tested it for long distance. Hoping this helps!


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