I am excited and honored to announce the launching of Parkour.com! The site is a humble beginning for the internet entity that I believe is going to set the pace for, and change, the Parkour world. Through this site, and by building a collective, passionate, and synergistic group of individuals and organizations, we are going to do what I’ve been working for since 2008, and that is unite the Parkour world and find the focus and synergy to develop the financial foundation necessary for Parkour to be a legitimate industry in which Traceurs everywhere can thrive out of their passion for this beautiful sport.

In addition to utilizing Parkour to make a way for Traceurs to live and support themselves through their art, I also believe in using Parkour to bring another dream to reality. And that dream is to collectively present the discipline of Parkour to the world in all its facets, diversity, and culture. I believe the Parkour culture, by nature of the discipline itself, is a culture that is full of honor and integrity, and it is accepting of everyone who wishes to be a part of it. Every day, the Parkour culture and community grow, and Parkour.com will be the place the world comes, to peek inside our sport and learn more about who we are and how we live as Traceurs.

Lastly and most importantly to me, paramount in our pursuit and foundational in our mission for Parkour.com is our commitment to disseminating true Parkour as a discipline founded by David Belle. It is David’s work, vision, and heart, inspired by his father Raymond Belle, that has brought Parkour to the world and enabled the Parkour community to exist at all. It is always easier to make a copy of a key. However, understand, the person who makes the first key is the master. And may there be no mistake going forward that Parkour.com is a site dedicated to spreading the true definition and history of Parkour as founded by the master and greatest athlete of our time, David Belle.

A few months ago, I personally sent messages to every prominent team in the Parkour world asking everyone to join our initiative to build Parkour.com together. No one was willing to help, so we built a strong team from our collective at Take Flight and launched the site. I think a lot of people didn’t see my messages or they were unsure what to think. So I’ll make the invitation again: we want everyone in the Parkour world to be involved in Parkour.com. Everyone. And if you are a well-known athlete, team, gym, or organization, then please reach out to me personally so we can get you involved in the site in a prominent way.

One last thing worth saying. The initial Parkour.com site strongly promotes Take Flight. To be clear, this is not the vision for Parkour.com. This is only the result of an initial lack of content resulting from a limited number of contributors. However, please understand as well, that those who put in the most work for Parkour.com are the ones who will receive the most benefit. This is honor, loyalty, and life in every way, and as such, although we will make Parkour.com into a site that encompasses the entire Parkour world, let there be no surprise if some companies, groups, or Traceurs are more represented than others. If this happens, it will be because in every case they deserve it, because they are the ones who made Parkour.com into what it is. This is true on the site even at this very moment which is why Take Flight is so prominently featured.

I consider today to be a very exciting day for the Parkour world, because the launching of Parkour.com is the first global step taken on a global level towards establishing a widespread understanding of Parkour and facilitating a global unification of the Parkour community. If you are involved in the Parkour world, I hope you take this matter to heart and consider joining us to develop and grow the site. Through it, we are going to change the world by giving Parkour the platform it deserves. I have no doubt about it.


About The Author

Adam Dunlap
Site Director / Author

Hi, my name is Adam Dunlap, and I'm the director of Parkour.com. I started doing Parkour in 2006. Since then my endeavors have included starting Revolution Parkour and Take Flight, and I spent a year and a half in France learning Parkour from David Belle and also working as his manager and brand developer. If you have any ideas for Parkour.com, please let me know. If they fit with our vision, we'd love to incorporate them into the site so we can grow Parkour.com into a globally encompassing initiative that truly represents and supports the entire Parkour world.

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5 Responses

  1. Micah "Jump" Hooper

    An EXTREMELY helpful article about the beginnings of parkour and what this website will be like. I was personally very excited to see this website re-launched and am looking forward to see what comes next!

  2. Keaton

    Adam, you say again and again how community based you are. Then please, please advertise someone other than yourself and the company you started. Maybe advertise a 3run shirt, maybe, perhaps, the one that you stole ideas from and copied and sold as your own. Advertise all of the amazing parkour apparel. Not just your own.
    Sincerely, Keaton

    • Adam Dunlap
      Adam Dunlap

      Keaton – Parkour.com is community based, and we’ve invited all prominent teams (including 3Run) to be a part of the site. Thank you for your comment and taking an active interest in what we are doing :)


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