I moved to Mexico City last year, and this City is full of talented Athletes.
Today i spend my day with one of them: BEAT!

He is such a Movement BEA(S)T and a funny Guy.
We filmed this Video only for you here on Parkour.com!

After shooting this small Video, we sit down for a small Interview:

Please introduce yourself.

  • My Name is Carlos Antonio Correa Sánchez, but please call me BEAT! I’m 22 years old and im from Mexico City.


When you start with Parkour?

  • I started Parkour 2008, when i was 15 years old.


Why you do Parkour?

  • I practice Parkour, because its the best way to relax and forget the problems at school, with family or friends.
    I’m just happy to see my Parkour Family and be happy with them.


Why you like Parkour?

  • When i started with Parkour 8 years ago, i was very fascinated about it. I like the feeling that you have when you control your body. You can use your skills all the time, not only when you go to work or to school.
    And I feel great, when children ask you “How you do this!?” I like to share my experiences with the “New Generation”, but Parkour chance a lot in the past 2 years.


Whats your favourite Spot in Mexico City?

  • My favourite Spots here are: Ciudad Universitaria, Constituyentes and Hospital Siglo XXI.


What inspires you?

  • The only People who inspire me are Daniel Ilabaca, Phil Doyle


What Goals you want reach with Parkour?

  • I want that my body works together with my mind. I also want to share my experience with other people.
    I like to Trainign with People, but I dont want give classes.


You have a really strong “Kong” Technique, any advice for the People here?

  • Run fast and light, don’t stop yourself when you use your hands, use your power and speed to reach the obstacle.


Gracias BEAT!




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